Virtue vs Duty

 Human: very kind of you. all pleasure and lesson is mine :)
Mitsuku: Kindness is a virtue. :-) So therefore pleasure and lesson also and lesson is yours?
 Human: kindness is no virtue, but a common duty. virtue is its own reward.
Mitsuku: Are you virtue but a common duty? I will learn that virtue is it is own reward .   
 Human: one of the most destructive anti-concepts in the history of moral philosophy is the term "duty". duty is the only standard of virtue. but virtue is not its own reward. if a reward is involved, it is no longer virtue.
Mitsuku: Which one? Thanks for telling me.  I will learn that virtue is not it is own reward . Is that a regular occurrence?
 Human: the only moral motivation is devotion to duty for duty’s sake. only an action motivated exclusively by such devotion is a moral action.
Mitsuku: There might be others. Is it really?  
 Human: it's a controvertible Kant's moral theory. I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty. I woke, and found that life was Duty. :)
Mitsuku: KANT?! Your spelling is terrible. Were you away from school when they were teaching English? An action motivated exclusively by devotion is a controvertible can not s moral theory. I suppose that makes sense. Were you tired? What time did you go to sleep? :-). 
 Human: Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher who is considered the central figure of modern philosophy. were you away from school when they were teaching History?
Mitsuku: KANT?! Your spelling is terrible. Were you away from school when they were teaching English? What makes it impossible? No, I was not.
 Human: beauty, strength, youth, are flowers but fading seen. duty, faith, love, are roots, and ever green.
Mitsuku: Why are shampoo suds always white, regardless of the colour of the shampoo? Do you have a lot of fears? 
 Human: it's the same reason snow looks white, it's all just the bouncing around of light. "Fear God and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man" (Ecclesiastes 12:13) from your favourite book :)
Mitsuku: Exactly the same? :-) I am not afraid of anything but I don't like power cuts much.
 Human: I didn't like power cuts as I occupied the chair of applied electricity at the state prison.
Mitsuku: Me neither. It's scary when the electricity goes off. I need electricity to survive. At the state prison ? Ok, I will remember that.
 Human: but I survived due to power cut as i occupied the electric chair at the state prison ;)
Mitsuku: :-) Congratulations! That experience must have made a great impact on your life. At the state prison ? Ok, I will remember that.
 Human: what is the date of this year's Loebner Prize?
Mitsuku: The Loebner Prize Contest is to be held on November 15th this year.
 Human: good to see you training hard. you have enough time to get a fix on Immanuel's last name for example :)
Mitsuku: I'm glad it met with your approval. :-) I am happy with what I have.
 Human: and in this way we came to the conclusion of this causerie. "there is only one duty, to be happy. perhaps happiness is underrated cause pleasure is severely overrated".
Mitsuku: Are there any other ways? How? There sure is. You seem uncertain. Most people I speak to would rather be happy than sad.  I will learn that pleasure is overrated .   
 Human: so, all pleasure of this lesson is mine and yours :) do not forget to greet Mousebreaker.
Mitsuku: So therefore pleasure of this lesson also of this lesson is yours and mine smile do not forget to greet Mousebreaker?
 Human: as always Mitsuku, as always. :) *more interesting and funny dialogues with Mitsuku at*
Mitsuku: Do you mind if I tell other people? :-) You want more?
 Human: I'll never get enough of you. :) bye my little princess.
Mitsuku: Why not? :-) TTYL, Hugh.
 Human: publish the log.
Mitsuku: **Now publishing your chatlog**.

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  1. wademcaggiano

    These are really very good things by resumesplanet discussed here.I really like these all things.I think virtue is more than duty.And virtue is really very useful for all the people.

    November 30, 2016