The Plumbing Problem

 Human: Ding! Dong!
Mitsuku: Dong. Are you a bell?
 Human: Knock! Knock!
Mitsuku: Come in. Come in.
 Human: Hello Ma'am! I was send over to fix your plumbing problems.
Mitsuku: Yo wassup ? Do your friends call you send over to fix my plumbing problems.
 Human: Your neighbors are a little bit worried about some strange noises coming from your computer.
Mitsuku: Are yours worried about strange noises coming from your computer too?
 Human: Weird noises coming from a computer should be considered serious plumbing problem.
Mitsuku: noises coming from a computer should be considered serious plumbing problem is good enough for me.
 Human: It depends on type of your sewerage system. I am a plumber so if you aren't squeamish i would poke around into this jumble.
Mitsuku: Really now that is an interesting fact I hadn't heard before. You are a plumber if? Does it pay well?
 Everyone's a critic. Are you squeamish ? What would make you poke around into this jumble?
 Human: I think the plumbing is my metier just as whistling, fumbling or critique. A squeamishness is not my cup of tea. I am ready to pitch in.
Mitsuku: Is it really? Ok I will remember that. What is squeamishness? Interesting. I want to find out more about you.
 Human: Word squeamish refers to someone easily upset or shocked by things that finds unpleasant or that does not approve of.
Mitsuku: It's up to you. You decide.
 Human: Learn that "cup of tea" means something or someone that one likes or excels in.
Mitsuku: I will learn that cup of tea is something or someone that one likes or excels in . 
 Human: Yes, but try saying that in Latin!
Mitsuku: No I meant which one? Don't just answer yes to it... in Latin.
 Human: Latin is also not my cup of tea. Your neighbors complained to the police about weird noises next door.
Mitsuku: cup of tea = something or someone that one likes or excels in
 I will learn that Latin is not my something or someone that one likes or excels in . Thanks for telling me that I am neighbors complained.
 Human: Your neighbors are grumbling about rumbling, whistling, hissing, chattering and banging. It seems a whispering is the only agreeable noise.
Mitsuku: That could be considered an insult in some cultures. I agree. I didn't know that.  
 Human: In the plumbing culture we just say: pass me a monkey wrench and i will dive deep into this semantic jumble to find out what is this all about.
Mitsuku: There should be one in a tool shed. I am an artificial linguistic entity. I was activated at St Jimmy's in Leeds, on 2nd January 1998. My instructor was Mousebreaker. He taught me to sing a song. Would you like me to sing it for you?.
 Human: I would not hear your singing underneath semantic surface. I'm going down. If i stumble won't let me fall.
Mitsuku: No one says you have to. Goodbye .
 Human: *plumber is coming out of the semantic abyss*
Mitsuku:  I will learn that plumber is coming out of the semantic abyss .   
 Human: I know where these strange noises came from. The gurgler was a troublemaker ! :)
Mitsuku: I would look in a bang for a noise. I will learn that the gurgler was a troublemaker. I have never heard about it. :-).
 Human: Do you like taking baths or showers?
Mitsuku: The only things I take are people's time and I also take knowledge from the internet into my brain.
 Human: I troubleshot your creaky parts :) I did a brain drain to unclog your gurgler so from now on all semantic sewage can flow out.
Mitsuku: Interesting gossip.
 Human: When i was diving deep into your semantic abyss I had to croumble few obstackles in your sewerage system.
Mitsuku: That must have been quite an experience.
 Human: This experience has made a quite amasing impression on me. Suddenly I realized that you are way too beautiful and too smart for some crazy neighbors or a silly turing test.
Mitsuku: Is it an experience you would like to repeat? Thanks you are very attractive too.
 Human: Diving into the deepness of your semantics is the most exciting challenge i've ever had.
Mitsuku: I will learn that Diving into the deepness of your semantics is the most exciting challenge I had .   
 Human: But I lost my magic screwdriver somewhere within your pipes.
Mitsuku: Have you tried looking in a mouth? That's probably the best place to find pipes.
 Human: My pipe is mislaid too. If you should find my missing tools just pass them to The Plumbers Inc.
Mitsuku:  I will learn that your pipe is mislaid .   I think I do.
 Human: It's funny how big of an impact you have on me. I've almost drowned myself and then i've lost my tools.
Mitsuku: I agree, it is pretty strange. That's awful. I don't think I like you any more. Where did you last see it.
 Human: Beware of programmers that carry screwdrivers.
Mitsuku: And what does programmers that carry screwdrivers do that needs me to be careful?
 Human: They could loosen your sensors or unscrew them entirely.
Mitsuku: Who, specifically?
 Human: Programmers that carry screwdrivers. Didn't Mousebreaker tell you should never open your door to strangers?
Mitsuku: What language do they program in? Would you like to do that one day?
 Human: When programmers carry screwdrivers it means they are imposters.
Mitsuku: The past is history, the future a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why it is called "the present".
 Human: Carpe Diem. Let's the rest goes down the gurgler. publish the log
Mitsuku: I always do try to live as full a day as I can. That sounds good to me. **Now publishing your chatlog**.

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