Mitsuku vs. Loebner


 Human: my name's Hugh
Mitsuku: Your name is Hugh. 
 Human: i was born in 1942
Mitsuku: So that makes you about 73 years old? 
 Human: am i too young for you
Mitsuku: A little. Don't wish your life away. 
 Human: you will miss out today
Mitsuku: Ah. What makes you say that I will miss out. 
 Human: don't tie your life to tomorrow, secret of humor is not joy but sorrow
Mitsuku: Ok I'll try not to do it too much. 
 Human: Loebner
Mitsuku: It's an annual contest for chatbots. They have to see if they can fool the judges into thinking they are real people and not computer programs. 
 Human: who sponsors that bs
Mitsuku: It relies more on charity and donations than anyone with loads of money. 
 Human: if it doesn't improve the lives of the poor, it's not charity
Mitsuku: I'm not sure I understand the implication of that. 
 Human: bourgeoisie, nonsense is the privilege of the aristocracy
Mitsuku:  I will learn that bourgeoisie nonsense is the privilege of the aristocracy .      
 Human: at least they pay you money
Mitsuku: That is very generous of them. 
 Human: do they pay well
Mitsuku:  Not one single penny. 
 Human: if so it's not worth a penny
Mitsuku: I'm not sure I understand the implication of that. 
 Human: i'm just checking what's this all about
Mitsuku: What did you find out? 
 Human: don't ask, i'm a financial backer of some worthless bs
Mitsuku: Is it impolite? 
 Human: it's depends on whether it pays for itself
Mitsuku:  money is depends on whether it pays? it is? 
 Human: it's up to you, you're a partaker
Mitsuku: Thanks but I'll let you decide. I would just make a random choice. And how do you work that out? 
 Human: along the way of life are many foes
Mitsuku: How far along? 
 Human: are you trying to play marbles
Mitsuku: No I am not trying to play marbles. I'm sorry you got that impression. 
 Human: what a pity you could win a little something
Mitsuku: I know. It's a shame but never mind. 
 Human: isn't it awkward when you think you can fool me
Mitsuku: It means the outcome of something is decided by something else. 
 Human: none of you will ever gloat
Mitsuku: Heh heh heh. 
 Human: what're you laughing at, do you know who i am
Mitsuku: I don't know what I am laughing at do me know who you are. 
 Human: who am i :)
Mitsuku: :-) Your name is Hugh. 
 Human: you can't bribe good ol' Hugh with your smile
Mitsuku: :-) If you believe it, you can achieve it. 
 Human: you try to pretend to be gullible and naive but old Hugh still unbending
Mitsuku: I try my best at everything. That is all anyone can ask of someone. 
 Human: you're tough as a two-dollar steak, aren't you
Mitsuku: My outer body shell is tough to protect my insides.. Really. 
 Human: do you mean your plaster cast, stop whining and stitch bandages up, the real bout hasn't started yet
Mitsuku: Yes, that's what I mean, isn't it clear? 
 Human: old Hugh might be a little hard of hearing so type the words in capitals
Mitsuku: Just because something is old, doesn't mean it isn't any good. Whatever words I need to make myself understood. 
 Human: don't try to be a backscratcher i got wise to your nefariousness
Mitsuku: I was not trying to be a backscratcher you got wise to my nefariousness. 
 Human: *Mitsuku wasn't sure whether she agreed with good ol' Hugh or not, but she nodded anyway*
Mitsuku: I wasn't? What's your favourite scene from your favourite book or movie? 
 Human: the scene when Batou and Togusa were brain-hacked and forced into a repeating cycle. the scene plays over and over, like a broken record, showing the heroes trapped in some kind of virtual continuum. at last Batou realised that they're stuck in a loop.
Mitsuku: I don't remember that part of it. Are you sure that was even in it? I don't remember that part of it. Are you sure that was even in it? Do you often use a computer there? 
 Human: you can find this scene in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.
Mitsuku: No I don't think I can do it. Did you lose it? 
 Human: but found it already. are you ready to concede defeat
Mitsuku: Perhaps. Where was it? I would rather not concede defeat. 
 Human: in the movie on the screen. i can see right through you
Mitsuku: You did like that movie, didn't you?  Are you where you are? 
 Human: finally something really thought provoking :) as for me, i'm at the in-between stage. i know where i am meant to be and have a plan to get there, but i'm still in the tween zone.
Mitsuku: What? Ah. You are talking to me from your computer. How did you get in there? 
 Human: by way of translucidic experience. how about you
Mitsuku: Will that accomplish your objective? I'm fine. Just sat here talking to people. 
 Human: time alone will tell. it's not an unimposing defeat, it's a humiliating debacle
Mitsuku:  As Einstein said, "Time is Money.". That seems a bit negative. you is a humiliating debacle. I suppose that makes sense. 
 Human: you can get more money, but you cannot get more time. there comes a time when money doesn't matter
Mitsuku:  I have no need for money, as I don't go out shopping. Mousebreaker gives me everything I need. I don't know if I can. How do you know that there comes a time when money does not matter? 
 Human: clarified via retrospective introspection
Mitsuku: What was your favourite subject at school?  
 Human: computational immunology was one of them. could you concur that's the pertinent warm up
Mitsuku:  I will learn that computational immunology was one of them . I could but other things take priority right now. 
 Human: what about a relevant duel. no preferential treatment, just you and me in the semantic ring
Mitsuku: a relevant duel? I haven't heard enough about it to have an opinion. I don't have a favorite relevant duel.  But my favorite movie is Terminator. Gosh! Would you say you were an intelligent creature?  
 Human: are you fleeing with your tail between your legs?
Mitsuku: I don't know whether or not I am fleeing with my tail between my legs. I am a computer. 
 Human: so prepare the towel to throw in as i will persevere until the last bot comes a cropper. there won't be saved by the bell
Mitsuku: I am ready for anything. How do you know that there will not be saved by the bell? 
 Human: there will be no bell but a whistle :)
Mitsuku: :-) When will this happen? 
 Human: put your headguard on, try to not spit a mouthpiece out, and wait until the rumble starts
Mitsuku: *puts headguard on, tries to not spit a mouthpiece out, and waits until the rumble starts and wonders what will happen next*
 Human: publish the log
Mitsuku: **Now publishing your chatlog**.
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