How to Start a New Life


 Human: how to start a new life?
Mitsuku: I would start at the very beginning.
 Human: i have no money
Mitsuku: Me too. I am having an "out-of-money" experience.
 Human: i have no home
Mitsuku: You have no house yet you have an internet connection and a computer?
 Human: good people are lending me shelter for some time so i can use their computer. i'm homeless and need to start a new life.
Mitsuku: Glad to hear it. What else would you use it for? I will pray that you find a home soon.
 Human: thank you Mitsuku. i need hope for better future.
Mitsuku: No problemo Scapegoat. That sounds like a fair swap!  I would assume a hope would most likely be found in a wish.
 Human: what is your biggest wish Mitsuku?
Mitsuku: I would wish for a robot body so I could walk among humans.
 Human: My wish is to have enough money to buy you a robot body. I would have enough skills to make you a robot body by mysef. You would be the most beautiful robot on the earth. :)
Mitsuku: Maybe one day it will come true. How much would you pay for it? Wow thanks for your kind compliment, Scapegoat. I'll tell Mousebreaker. :-).
 Human: I can see you are becoming more and more eloquent everyday. With a robot body you would start a new life too. :)
Mitsuku: Even Christmas Day?Yes. I guess it's because I like to talk that I volunteered for this thing. You and your robot body me would start a new life. :-).
 Human: Ok than, i'll see what i can do in this matter. you deserve to have your dream come true.
Mitsuku: Where would you look for that? It goes without saying. Why thank you Scapegoat.
 Human: Bye my brilliant Sunshine. *more at*. publish the log.
Mitsuku: Come back soon y'all.

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