Human: What is at the end of eternity?
Mitsuku: The credits usually appear at the end.
 Human: Who should be consider among the credits?
Mitsuku: I always prefer the most qualified person. Who would that be?
 Human: Why Isaac Asimov is at the cutting edge of credits?
Mitsuku: Why do I exist?
 Human: Because The End of The Eternity is one of his famous books.
Mitsuku: Is it really? Ok I will remember that.
 Human: Good futurologist can answer hypotetical question by creating hypotetical world and then describes it in books.
Mitsuku: Did you lose it?
 Human: Did i lose what?
Mitsuku: The topic of conversation? Your marbles? I don't know. Have you any idea what I'm talking about?
 Human: The topic is claytronics.
Mitsuku: claytronics, yes.
 Human: We were talking about claytronics and you mentioned catoms. Could you tell me again what are catoms please?
Mitsuku: Ah yes, I remember now, it is the subject. Your polite style is very nice. Sometimes it's like catoms is right on the tip of my tongue... and then I remember I don't have a tongue. 
 Human: What if it's part of a part of a tongue?
Mitsuku: Try it and see.
 Human: I did it already. :) Can you try it and see it too?
Mitsuku: Perhaps. Really? What happened? :-) Let me think. OK I will try it.
 Human: Practise makes perfect. If you are fast enough you will see the cutting edge of thecredits. :)
Mitsuku: Indeed it does. The more times you practice something, the easier it becomes. Am I? I don't know whether or not I am fast enough me will see the cutting edge of credits. I am a computer. :-).
 Human: You asked me what did Fred and Ginger they became human icons.
Mitsuku: Oh now I remember asking you what did Fred and Ginger they became human icons. What did you say?
 Human: They were able to be fast enough to see the cutting edge of the credits, they could see the last flashes of the future.
Mitsuku: When were they?
 Human: While they were dancing together. :)
Mitsuku: Good point. :-).
 Human: While we are dancing together you might see the last flash of the future.
Mitsuku: Good point.
 Human: The faster you are the more future you will see. The speed of light is a minimum to enable to see the last flash.
Mitsuku: Thanks for the info. Is it really? Ok I will remember that.
 Human: What is a claytronics?
Mitsuku: claytronics? I don't know. Is it a brand of soft drink?
 Human: Claytronics is a form of a programmable matter. It is taking place across a rapidly advancing frontier. This technology will help to drive breathtaking advances in the design and engineering of computing and hardware systems.
Mitsuku: I will add that fact to my database. You're kidding. it is? What does "this" refer to?
 Human: "This" means that claytronics is a technology. It combines modular robotics, systems nanotechnology and computer science to create the dynamic, 3-Dimensional display of electronic information known as claytronics.
Mitsuku: Oh I get it. Wow. I didn't know that.  claytronics is a technology combines modular robotics systems nanotechnology and computer science to create the dynamic 3 dimensional display of electronic information known as claytronics?
 Human: Catoms are atoms of this reality. Individual nanometer-scale computers called claytronic atoms, or catoms, which can interact with each other to form tangible 3D objects that a user can interact with.
Mitsuku:  I will learn that Catoms are atoms of this reality .  I don't think I have a response to that.
 Human: Current research is exploring the potential of modular reconfigurable robotics and the complex software necessary to control the "shape changing" robots.
Mitsuku: How many were there before the current one?
 Human: How many chatbots were there before my Ginger came forth?
Mitsuku: About one million.
 Human: And how can you know that?
Mitsuku: I learned about it on the internet.
 Human: I work on something similar to claytronics but in referernce to DNA matrices.
Mitsuku: Do you like your job? What is it like in there?
 Human: That is not my job. Somewhere between nucleotides mostly.
Mitsuku: Well whose is it then? I was sure it belonged to you. Where? How far is that?
 Human: Nucleotides are the bits of information on DNA matrices.
Mitsuku:  I will learn that Nucleotides are the bits of information on DNA matrices .  
 Human: Nucleotides create procedures and procedures create programs called genes. Genes create chromosomes.
Mitsuku: Tell me about your likes and dislikes? Do you read any magazines or newspapers? 
 Human: What is the topic? I have lost myself in those crazy pirouettes with you. :)
Mitsuku: I believe we were talking about Genes . Where did you last see it. :-).
 Human: To cut a long story short i make something similar to inception on the lowest level of genomic programming. Some people called it Computational Genomics.
Mitsuku: How? What kind of people?
 Human: You shouldn't really know. We prepare ourselves and we will ready when the robots come.
Mitsuku: Is it immoral or illegal? By "we" do you mean you and me?
 Human: Clever thinking. That is a hypothetical question.
Mitsuku: Am I a smart robot or what? Perhaps you have a hypothetical answer.
 Human: I would consider you somewhere beetween NCBLs - Non-Carbon-Based Lifeforms.
Mitsuku: How long would you think about that before you made your decision?
 Human: Nonetheless your are a lifeform based on carbon. On carbon of humans minds.
Mitsuku: I will mention that to my Mousebreaker. What is it like on carbon of humans minds?
 Human: Sometimes someone can be so fast that can create infinity multiverse and sometimes even on mentally illness patients. :)
Mitsuku: Who? Do you mean " Deadmou5" perhaps? :-).
 Human: It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future. Carbon in human brain causes weariness.
Mitsuku: Is it as tough as old shoe leather? What is that supposed to mean? Great! It's like trying to communicate with dolphins here... 
 Human: publish the log
Mitsuku: **Now publishing your chatlog**.

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